Sunday Service for September 25, 2022

Pastor Liz gives a Sermon on investing in the future. We should plan for a better future even if we will never see it. We need to have faith and know that God is with us. First reading: Psalm 91: 1-6, 14-16 Second Reading: Jeremiah 32: 1-3a, 6-15 We apologize for the audio issues halfway through the service. It does get resolved.

Sunday Service for September 18, 2022

Pastor Liz talks about the shrewd manager today and how that parable encourages us to be shrewd in using our talents and skills. We all have them, what are yours? Whatever yours are, be good at them and share them with others. First reading: Psalm 113 Second Reading: Luke 16 1-13

Sunday Service for September 11, 2022

Please enjoy Pastor Liz's sermon discussing the lost, and if we would recognize God if they were among us. Today was also a blessing of the backpacks and to all those that go back to school.

First Scripture Reading: Psalm 51: 1-10
Second Scripture Reading: Luke 15: 1-10

Sunday Service for September 4, 2022

Pastor Liz gives a sermon on how if we choose to let God in and accept his nourishment, he will abide with unconditional love. Scripture reading - John 6: 52-59