Sunday Service for November 28, 2021

On the First day of Advent, Pastor Liz talks about making room for hope. First reading: Jeremiah 33: 14-16 Second reading: Psalm 25: 4-5

Sunday Service for November 21

Nanci Swenson and Maggie Patterson step in for Pastor Liz today and reflect on the end of the Church calendar year.

Sunday Service for November 14, 2021

Pastor Liz reads scripture from Isiah 43:16-25 and discusses that sometimes we need to get rid of old things in order to make room for new things creating a better future. We are best served in not staying in our past but looking forward to new paths in order to build a new and better future.

Sunday Service for November 7, 2021

Pastor Liz talks about looking for signs and being anxious as we find the vision and creating a virtuous cycle on this Communion Sunday. We have a special performance of Handbells.