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Sunday Service for May 28, 2023

Please enjoy this readers' theater presentation of Pentecost. Pastor Liz asks us, how do we listen, and what gifts do we share with the world.

Sunday Service for May 21, 2023

Pastor Liz concludes her multi week series on the question "I've been meaning to ask?" by asking the question "Where do we go from here? How do we plan for the unknown?" She reminds us that as long as we stay together as a family of faith and help each other to continue moving forward we will be okay when we get there. Together we can help each other get up when we fall and need encouragement to continue on.

Sunday Service for May 14, 2023
Pastor Liz reads from 2 Timothy 4:9-18 and asks us, What do you need?. During the story for all generations, she is joined for a quick little play that gets us to think about how do we help our friends and loved ones.

Sunday Service for May 7, 2023

Pastor Liz gives a wonderful service reading from Mark 5:21-43 and asks "Where does it hurt". She challenges us to not only ask others how they are, but to really listen but more importantly she is challenging us to be honest with our response when asked that question. She asks that we trust others to value us and to listen to our truth about our pain. Are you willing to be vulnerable and honest with others when they ask "How are you?"

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